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4 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process Right Now

When seeking out potential candidates regarding healthcare recruitment, it’s beneficial to put in place a new strategic game plan. Rather than a traditional hiring process where the question, “Why do you think you qualify for this job?” is asked, it’s best to think outside of the box to gain qualified candidates. Test out potential employees […]

The New Pay-Per-Candidate Recruiting Option. Is it the end of Traditional Contingency Based Recruiting?

The staffing and recruiting industry is a $130 billion market with search and recruiting revenues driving nearly $15 billion in 2014. Until now, the $15 billion of placements have largely been funded by two kinds of recruiting services: contingency and retained searches. In both cases the average fees associated with recruiting a candidate in the […]

How to Develop a Recruiting Requirements Checklist

Putting together a top-performing team in the pharmaceutical industry is more complex than ever. Not only must pharmaceutical leaders develop innovative business models to meet the needs of a broader, more fragmented market, but they also need to recruit talent with a wider range of skills. These skills range from data analytics, customer segmentation, and […]

Top Skills in a Clinical Research Associate

If you’re a hiring manager or HR professional in the pharmaceutical industry, you may be called upon to recruit clinical research associates (CRAs). Especially if a large grant comes through that will require an increase in staffing. But it’s not necessarily as straightforward as hiring, say, a bookkeeper. Excellent CRAs may arrive with different qualifications, […]

How to Look Good to Your CEO and Get a Promotion — Without Cutting Your Recruiting

Succeeding as a hiring manager, particularly in competitive fields like pharmaceutical recruiting, requires that you have strong, positive interactions not only with your own supervisors and executives, but also with job candidates. The successful hiring manager essentially negotiates a sequence of small “sales” as a candidate advances through the hiring process. It isn’t easy, and […]

5 Steps to Finding an Inexpensive Recruiting Firm

The possibility of working with a recruiting firm can be intimidating, particularly if you have to stick to a budget during the hiring process. It’s important that you understand that “inexpensive” and “cheap” aren’t necessarily the same things, and this is particularly true for specialists like biotech recruiters. If you need the services of, say, […]

Where and How to Find Quality Hires

Hiring in the pharmaceutical industry has never been easy, but biotech recruiters are especially challenged as more industries bounce back from the recession and face a more limited hiring pool. Many jobs created in the current economic recovery are grounded in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), and finding people with the right qualifications requires […]

What CRAs Want in an Employer

The market for clinical research associates (CRAs) is competitive at the moment, and the demand for CRAs is expected to remain strong for the foreseeable future. Because of this, and because CRA roles are similar across employers, it’s usually not that difficult for CRAs to change jobs. Therefore, employers are wise to learn what CRAs […]

Top 7 Skills to Look for in a Clinical Research Manager

Hiring a clinical research manager is a challenge for even the most skilled and committed hiring manager. The clinical research manager is responsible for organizing and administering clinical research, and will likely be involved in the hiring of, or creating job profiles for the research associates and technicians who will carry out the day-to-day steps […]