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The Top 10 Metrics Every HR Leader Must Know

The cost of employee turnover can reach or even exceed an employee’s annual salary in certain industries where talent is dear and skill sets are highly specific, such as the pharmaceutical industry. And for employees who stay around, disengagement can be a problem that’s costly in terms of lost productivity. HR leaders should have several […]

Top 5 Productivity Apps for Your Human Resources Team

The work of the Human Resources professional is never done. In fact, additional responsibilities are continually being heaped upon the HR professional’s plate. Not only must people in HR understand and assist with their company’s hiring process, they often bear responsibility for administering fringe benefits, knowing which laws and regulations apply in the workplace, and […]

Best Practices for Creating an Effective Remote-Working Workplace

The remote workplace is hardly a novelty anymore. A Global Workplace Analytics survey projected that 63 million Americans will work remotely by 2016, and that’s more than one-third of the workforce. Benefits of a remote workplace can be substantial, particularly for the hiring manager in highly specialized industries like pharmaceuticals. Setting up remote workspaces lets […]

5 Reasons You Need a Staffing Firm

Are time, a deeper hiring pool and more qualified candidates important to your Human Resources department? We’ll wait while you give three resounding “Yes!” replies. Hiring a new employee is like picking out an engagement ring. In both cases, you browse through a variety of choices before selecting the perfect candidate. However, unlike picking out […]