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Why use an RPO?

An RPO can solve many typical hiring problems: Hiring Volume:  This solution is designed to handle high volume recruiting and staffing. A contingency recruiter may take weeks or even months to fill a mid-level role. This service offering caters to the company that needs to fill 10-50 positions in a short amount of time. Sourcing […]

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How to Lose Your Job by Outsourcing Your Recruiting

Outsourcing of business functions has been made considerably easier by broadband technology and the worldwide interconnectedness of business today. In many cases, it makes sense to outsource, because it allows people to focus on core business processes and companies to sharpen their competitive advantage. Just because outsourcing is easier doesn’t mean it’s automatic or requires […]

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The Key to a Successful BioTech Startup? Hire the Right People for the Right Jobs

Quick question: How is a successful biotech startup like every other kind of startup? Answer: Success depends on hiring the right people for the right jobs. Question 2: How is hiring for biotech different from hiring for other industries? Answer: Biotech positions require competencies and skill sets that may complicate standard hiring practices and increase […]

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Four Tips for Raising Capital for your BioTech Startup

The coming year looks like it could be a good one for biotechnology startups. In recent years, biotech has had reasonably good access to capital as interest has increased in development of new medicines for cancer and “orphan” diseases. While access to investor funds may not be easy in 2016, few expect a return to […]

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How to Get the Answers to Questions That You Can’t Ask in an Interview

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is charged with enforcing federal laws against hiring discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, nationality, age, disability, or genetic information. Stay educated to avoid violating EEOC, state, and local hiring discrimination laws. Most employers with 15 or more employees are subject to these rules. The laws the EEOC […]

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It’s Time to Cut Off the Rule of Thumb About Not Hiring the Unemployed

Even when they have skills and resumes equivalent to other job candidates, people with long-term unemployment on their record are often excluded altogether from job opportunities. Ultimately this marginalization of the long-term unemployed is bad for both employers and employees. Today’s companies, especially in industries like biotech and pharmaceuticals, need skilled and educated workers. In […]

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Why Hiring a Good Employee Isn’t Good Enough

It’s easy to view hiring as a necessary evil. After all, a bad hiring mistake can ruin a company, and the typical “bad hire” isn’t usually something you can recover from with training and coaching. Hiring well may be the single most important thing your company does. The late Steve Jobs believed that hiring was […]

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What Should You Be Looking for in a Medical Sales Rep?

Medical sales reps interact with doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and formulary managers. They may travel to doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities, providing information about the products they represent, encouraging health professionals to use or prescribe them. It’s not for everyone. A medical sales rep has to be willing to make cold calls, and […]

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Six Hiring Trends Impacting Pharma

Like nearly every other industry, the pharmaceuticals industry is evolving rapidly. It’s one of the primary industries affected by changes in legislation, like the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Economics, regulation, and demographics affect every aspect of the pharmaceutical industry. Countless other trends affect pharmaceutical hiring, and while there’s some uncertainty associated with these […]

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Why You Should Stop Trying to Find the Best Candidate to Hire

The recruiting process is more fraught than most people imagine. It may sound like a hiring manager gets to pick among a large number of qualified candidates like choosing the best puppy from a litter, but in reality recruiting is difficult, particularly in pharmaceuticals and biotech. Specialty recruiters understand the challenges of hiring in industries […]

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