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4 Ways to Improve Your Hiring Process Right Now

When seeking out potential candidates regarding healthcare recruitment, it’s beneficial to put in place a new strategic game plan. Rather than a traditional hiring process where the question, “Why do you think you qualify for this job?” is asked, it’s best to think outside of the box to gain qualified candidates.

Test out potential employees to see if they have what it takes.

1. Don’t Be Intimidated by Recruitment Tests

A recruitment test is an efficient tool that should never be thrown on the back burner while looking for quality hires. Seeking tests from potential candidates regarding their IQ scores, foreign language, typing, math acuity, as well as general knowledge will allow a better selection process. A study posted on Career Builder stated that when an employer experiences a bad hire, it can negatively impact their business. This leads to a loss in productivity and revenue. According to the study, 27 percent of U.S. employers had reported at least one bad hire that resulted in a loss of $50,000.

Let out your creative side with job postings.

2. Give Your All to a Job Posting

The first step of recruitment is the job posting. There are companies who put together a quick ad while seeking individuals who have a specific amount of experience and education. Unfortunately, that method can seem like you are saving time, but it ends up leading to more work in the end. A job posting should always include the tasks expected each day, the types of beneficial training, what is expected of the candidate, and other necessary information. This type of posting will weed out any applicants who will shy away from the requirements, which will save the company money and time.

Having an extra set of eyes on a candidate doesn’t hurt.

3. Have a Second Opinion Within Reach

Your opinion alone is just a quick snapshot of a potential hire. To increase the odds of finding the most successful candidates, it’s crucial to have someone else nearby. This should be someone who the candidate would be most interactive with if hired. During the interview, find out what the candidate has to offer to be successful. It can range from their experience, level of motivation, and skills. This allows a more formalized and serious approach to the hiring process.

Dive into social media for potential hires.

4. Start Building a Successful Employer Brand

Social media is taking over in many aspects and recruitment is one of them. It doesn’t matter if you’re not reaching out to candidates over networking sites. You should still consider that they use social media. Your business should as well. Having a successful employer branding will allow potential hires to know about your company and be excited for the next step. Do you want your first contact with the potential hire to be the first time they ever heard about the company? Give your company a strong employer brand to allow candidates to know all about you, which could weed out bad hires.

A pharmaceutical sales recruiter has a better chance of hiring a successful candidate when the above tips are followed. Being more engaged during the interview process and with job ads will attract higher quality employees. In the end, it’s not only a win for the employer, but also for the hire.

If you have noticed a drop in revenue by employing bad hires, Contact us and we will help you find a qualified candidate and increase your company’s growth.

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